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    Warehouse space for rent
 Storage and logistics purposes - Łęczycka 13, Ozorków

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  30 km North of Łódź are located warehouse and office spaces adapted from the production halls of the former cotton factory „MORFEO”. In 2006, the former factory halls were equipped with new floors, new wiring and heating systems and access ways with loading ramps. The premises can be used for production, storage or logistics purposes.
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  The advantage of this object is particular its location both on the geographical map: it is placed only 8 km from the Emilia junction on the A2 highway and 30 km from the junction of A1 and A2 highways in Stryków,  as well as on the economic map: it is subject to the actions undertaken within the frames of Ozorków subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

We offer warehouses for rent of the total area of 25.000 m2 divided into halls ranging in size from 600 to 5000 m2 and height of 5 to 8 m equipped with:

 - automatic access gates of 6x4 m or 3x3 m with or without ramps,
 - densified smooth-troweled concrete flooring,
 - plenty of natural light needed for production work,
 - three-phase electric power connector with an option of increasing the power up to 1,2 MW,
 - heating, ventilation, plumbing systems, as well as telephone and internet network.

The whole property is fenced and security guarded at night.
We offer also an option of renting the office space located adjacent to the warehouse halls on the ground floor and first floor of the building. The units are from 19 to 400 m2, equipped with new windows, carpets or laminate flooring, as well as telephone and internet network.
There is a parking lot of 10.000 m2 next to the building.

  Rafał Przybylak 607.135.207 | rafal.przybylak@urbanica.pl


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