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    Office space for rent
 Wróblewskiego 18
 URBANICA office , Wróblewskiego 18, £ód¼

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Because of its particular location and history, the building is one of the most recognizable office premises in Lodz. Built in the 70's for offices of Fonica – Radio Manufacturing Factory in £ód¼, producing record players, i.a.  equipped with a valve amplifier „Bambino” and transistor based „Bartek”. In 2006-2009, the interior of the building  underwent complete restoration. The office spaces were redesigned from scratch, so that their functionality can be freely and flexibly adjusted. Various space arrangement plans are possible – from small separate units accessible from the corridor up to „open space” solutions.

There is a general store in the building and in front of it a parking lot dedicated for the employees and customers of the companies having their offices here.

It is possible to rent one of the conference rooms of 36 m2 which can accommodate about 20 people.  

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  £ód¼, 18 Wróblewskiego Street, about 8 minutes by car from the city centre and 12 minutes from the W³adys³aw Reymont airport and in the nearest proximity of bus and tram stops.
  Number of floors: 12;
Total floor space: 7000 m²;
Office space: 5500 m²;
Space per single floor: 450 m²;
The smallest office space for rent: circa 20 m²;
Natural lighting: units well-lit with natural light – window height 2,00 m;
Room height up to 3,20 m;
Ceilings: of super standard capacity of up to 500 kg / m²;
Ceilings: suspended;
Power grid: two independent sources of electricity supply in the building;
Round-the-clock front desk, video surveillance;
Vertical circulation: three lifts, internal staircase;
Centrally controlled fire alarm system connected directly to the fire department. 

Karolina Wrońska | tel: 42 685 52 61, 665 805 665 | karolina.wronska@urbanica.pl



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