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 Brama - Wróblewskiego 19, £ód¼

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A residential investment „Brama” is realised near the former top spinning mill Polmerino in 19 Wróblewskiego Street in £ód¼, according to the “DIEHL Architekci” design. Construction of a multifamily residential building with a total usable area of 3365 m2 includes 59 apartments in 6- and 8-storey buildings connected by corridors.

There will be a range of apartments starting with a one-room apartments of 35 m2 up to 3-4-room two-level ones of more than 100 m2 with the unique terraces. Some apartments have balconies or terraces. In the basement and on the ground floor there will be a multi-space garage for 38 cars.

In the basement, apart from the parking space, there will also be 12 storage spaces for the tenants and a place for keeping prams and bicycles.
The highest standard is ensured by the applied materials such as travertine, sandstone and stainless steel and our great focus on detail.
Two modern and silent lifts, suitable for the disabled as well as the fact that the tenants may freely arrange their apartments make the building highly functional. A fenced and monitored premises ensures the safety of tenants. Only the materials of highest quality will be used during the construction.

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Karolina Wrońska | tel: 42 681 90 35, 665 805 665 | karolina.wronska@urbanica.pl
Sale office: Realty Polska Sp. z o.o.,  ul Wróblewskiego 18,  93-578 £ód¼



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